Where am I at? Where do I go?

Let’s get started. I have a lot to say, but often have no idea where to start. I am going to assume that if you have come to this site that you are a Christian and you are either facing the very real possibility that your home will be facing foreclosure or perhaps a family member or close friend is in that position and you want to help.

There are a lot of different reasons people can find themselves in this situation. Some were foreseeable, some were not. My guess is that you have been living with guilt and anguish for longer than you can remember. The weight, though it was once bearable, is increasingly becoming to much to bear alone.

You have called out to God, but feel He is not answering you. Maybe you even think He has left you or doesn’t care about you anymore. This is personal, so you probably have not shared the “shame” with friends, family, your pastor.  Maybe you can not even bring yourself to tell your spouse how bad it is.

At this point you have probably depleted all of your savings, maybe cashed in your retirement accounts and 401K’s. Maybe you have borrowed on all your equity lines or credit cards and they have run out. I mean, The Bible says that you have to pay all of your debts, so there really isn’t anything else you can do.

Maybe you have had some good “Christian” friends that have told you it is not your fault and the bank should not have lent you the money. Some of them have probably told you to file bankruptcy. Some great scholars have shared with you the ancient Old Testament concept of Jubilee (See Leviticus 25), the concept that every 50 years the land that was given by God to the tribes of Israel is returned to them, even if they squandered it away. Many use this concept to encourage you to file bankruptcy now.

Others have probably told you since it is the bank’s fault they can’t really expect you to keep paying your mortgage. Maybe they even go so far as to say that the bank knew you would not be able to pay and therefore do not deserve to be repaid.

You keep reading in the paper or online how the banks have been losing mortgage paperwork. There are allegations that the bank’s attorneys have been forging paperwork. The bank’s have stopped thousands of foreclosure cases. State bar associations and Attorneys General have opened investigations of some of these lawyers and law firms.

Your neighbor or coworker casually mentions to you that he or she has heard how John and Sally got their mortgage thrown out and now don’t have to pay it. Wow! That would be nice if through some legal loophole you did not have to repay the $250,000.00 you borrowed to buy your dream house.

You have researched the topic. There are many attorney websites that scream at you; “You do not need to repay your mortgage,” “Strategic default is the way to go!”, “Call us today and we can show you how you don’t have to pay the bank any more money.” Some firms have developed plans, “For clients who want to walk away from their mortgages.”

It sounds so easy. So refreshing. The weight would be lifted. But…………….

……………….Somewhere deep inside you there is this feeling. This uneasiness with it all. Is this really the right thing to do? Why can’t I shake this feeling?
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.”
Isaiah 55

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