Should I set up an LLC in Florida?


Typically when I get this question, it’s a two-pronged question. The first one is should I set up an LLC? I’m assuming that you’ve made the decision to set up an LLC. The question that I often get is should I set up a Florida LLC or should I set it up in Delaware or Nevada, which are the 2 most other common places to do it. My answer is typically if you’re going to be doing business only in the state of Florida, and all your business is here and you’re not going anywhere else, there’s usually not a reason to set it up anywhere else. You might as well go ahead and do it here, and save the dual expenses in all of that. Now, there might be other reasons. We’d have to sit down and talk about whether you’d want to set it up in one of those other locations, but again it has to do with the complexity of your business and where you’re doing the most of your business at.

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