Real Estate Law

Sarasota real estate owners are a diverse group. Sarasota and the Gulf Coast of Florida are considered a resort  tourist destinations, making this area not only attractive to full time residents, but to real estate investors,  retirees and snowbirds, northerners who wish to purchase a second home, and those looking to rent vacation property.

There is also a wide range of ownership options in Sarasota, including single family homes, condominiums, co-ops, vacation fractional ownership and even hybrids of each. For those not schooled in the complexities of the complete spectrum of possible real estate transaction scenarios, it can be a bit overwhelming. A Sarasota real estate lawyer is a valuable professional to have in your corner to navigate Florida real estate law.

In general, real estate law is the branch of civil law which includes the rights to possess, use, and enjoy land, as well as the permanent improvements attached to the property and any natural resources contained on it, such as crops, minerals or water. The laws may also protect certain rights attached to the land, including but not limited to the air above the land, the ground beneath it, rights to live on the property for a specific timeframe or to acquire the real property in the future, and more.

Further, the body of law governs not only the possession and use of real property, but also relationships between owners within a division or complex;  landlord and tenant relationships, relationships between owners and the surrounding community, the buying and selling of real property, and property financing, including deeds and mortgages. Purchases, sales and leases are covered under a wide body of federal and state law which can overlap with contract law. The requirements established by Florida state law often vary from those of other states. Because of these variances, it is wise for an out-of-state buyer to consult with a Sarasota real estate attorney when transacting Sarasota area real estate.

Real estate attorneys are well versed in many different activities which fall under the umbrella of real estate law, from the drafting of deeds and filing of liens, to handling boundary disputes and zoning conflicts. A Sarasota real estate lawyer with solid experience in this community is an irreplaceable ally in your real estate dealings.

I promise to bring over 19 years of real estate investing experience, over 20 years of legal experience, as well as a practical real-life approach to your situation.  I am a born-again Christian and would also be more than happy to share how that may affect your real estate decision if you are a Christian.

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