Landlord / Tenant Disputes

In mid-2012, reported that with a 12.9% increase, the Sarasota market reflects the highest rental rate increase in the country over the previous 12 months.  The rental market in Sarasota is going strong, and the rents are rising with the rapidly increasing demand.

With so many rental properties in play, there are bound to be disputes. Landlord/tenant disputes are covered under  Florida Real Estate Law (Chapter 83, Part III of the Florida Statutes) While it is common knowledge that both landlords and tenants have rights by law; it is less widely known just what these rights -and obligations – actually are.

When questions involving rights and duties do arise, and the parties cannot come to an agreement, legal action may be necessary. For a landlord, they may need to evict a tenant for non-payment, or sue for payment for damages. A tenant may need to lawfully withhold rent due to a landlord’s refusal to provide safe housing as determined by law; or may need to sue to break a lease for legitimate reasons.

It is important to point out that both landlords and tenants should know their rights and obligations before entering into a rental agreement, and should not willingly breach their terms of the lease without following correct legal procedures. Do not continue in a landlord/tenant dispute without seeking the advice of a real estate lawyer.

Sarasota real estate attorney Scott Van Ness has extensive experience in the real estate rental market, and is an invaluable ally when in a real estate rental dispute.  He has been a landlord for over 19 years.  He has been an attorney for over 20 years.  He is a father, a husband, and he is a Christian.

I promise you that I will help you take a Christian approach to a landlord/tenant dispute if that is what you want to do.  You may find that God asks Christians to look at a situation differently than a non-Christian.  What does that mean?  Are you willing to be a light for Him?  I would love to talk with you about that.  Call me and set an appointment today!  941-922-7900