Foreclosure Defense

We have all seen many changes in the financial landscape of our country over the last 10 years.  Maybe you find yourself in a house in which you owe more than it is worth.  Maybe you lost a job or got downsized and can no longer make your mortgage payment.  Maybe the bank has already started foreclosure proceeedings.

None of us can forecast the future.  Isn’t that what God told us when He warned us against borrowing?  Please understand that borrowing money and finding yourself in the postion that you can no longer make the payments does not necessarily mean that you sinned.  Did you know that there are 2,250 verses in The Bible in which God talks to us about finances?  Nowhere in any of those verses does He tell us that borrowing is a sin.  However, He does warn us against borrowing.  Of course He also warns us of many things that He knows we will do that He may not agree with.

If you find yourself in a position that you don’t know how to get out of, what does God tell you to do?  Seek many counselors.  I have a degree in finance, a doctorate in law, and I have life lessons in what God has taught me about finances.  Let me share the wisdom I have learned with you.  I promise to give you solid legal counsel at a fair price.  In addition, if you want, I will share with you what I believe The Bible and God teach us about our circumstances.  You will be amazed at how sometimes God tells us to act differently than the world says and differently than we may be “entitled to.”

If you have been sued in foreclosure, the banks are counting on the fact that you will not understand the action, will not respond properly if you respond at all, and that they will be able to repossess your home quickly and without a fight.

The banks have retained lawyers to represent them through this process. It is absolutely imperative that you have a skilled foreclosure defense lawyer to level the playing field. An attorney experienced in foreclosure proceedings will  provide you access to a fair and balanced process;  defend you against possible bank error or omission ; save your home if at all possible;  and protect you from falling into the “rocket-docket” , buying you as much time as is legally feasible.

The worst possible response to foreclosure is to do nothing.

In addition to being a skilled trial attorney, I can also present a Christian approach to the whole situation.  Wow!  What does that mean?  God called us to act differently so we can be a light in the world, even when we find ourselves in financial difficulties.  I would love to sit down with you and share my experiences.  Call me today at 941-922-7900, and let me protect your rights.

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