Florida Contract Law

Contract law covers a wide range of possible services. Any business agreement involving an exchange of goods or services for monetary consideration, or for other goods or services is regulated by contract laws contained in the Florida statutes.

A Sarasota lawyer can provide a variety of contract services, regardless of the nature of the desired contractual relationship. A Christian lawyer can provide biblical insight to the situation.  Legal contracts are binding. It is important to understand the common pitfalls, as well as the ways that a Sarasota contract attorney can help you at any point in the life of the contract.

Contract Drafting: Custom contracts drawn up between two or more parties for a specific situation. Contract Negotiation: Assistance in negotiating your position in a business contract Contract Review: Review, explanation and counsel regarding a contract you have been asked to sign Contract Law Research: In-depth research of contract case law regarding a specific issue or question Contract Dispute Resolution: Arbitration and mediation services prior to court action Contract Litigation: Representation in court when a contract has been breached to your detriment

In general, do not leave your fate in the hands of a standard contract that does not reflect your interests. Do not sign any document which you do not fully understand from a legal standpoint. Allow an attorney to review any contract you enter into to explain the ramifications.  Allow a Christian attorney to give you both a legal perspective and a bibical one.   If you do get into a dispute, retain a contract attorney as soon as possible, to help mitigate the damage and resolve the situation as expediently as possible.

If you are at any point in the process above, call Sarasota attorney Scott Van Ness.  I would love to sit down with you and discuss all of your options.  Call today at 941-922-7900, to ensure your contractual rights and protect your interests.