Biblical Conflict Resolution

We are proud to provide the opportunity to assist people in resolving their conflicts.   Conflicts come in many sizes and shapes and most times involve long-time friendships or business partners.  We offer an opportunity for anyone to resolve their conflict in such a way that seeks to help the parties reach a fair resolution and hopefully restore the underlying relationship in the process.

We are also excited to offer Christians and others a way to settle their disputes in a Biblical manner. The Bible is a great resource and tells us in many places how God wants believers to resolve our conflicts.  The great news is you don’t even have to be a professed believer in Jesus to take advantage of the process that is outlined in the Bible.  You merely have to agree that this is the process you want to use to do so.

When it comes to self-identifed Believers (Christians) the course of action outlined in the Bible for personal conflict resolution will involve the church at some point if the individuals can not take care of it first.  We readily work with your church and encourage their involvement in the process. Unfortunately many of our churches today are not set up to provide the resources that God intends. The Bible makes clear in 1 Corinthians 6 that God wants believers to settle our disputes before a fellow believer instead of taking it to the courts. The question is, “How can I do that?”

In general Matthew 18 tells us to go to the person who has offended you in private first. If this works, great!! If not, then go to the person who offended you with one or two witnesses and try again. If none of this works then the Bible tells us to take it to the church.

What church? My church? The guy/gal who offended me’s church? What happens if we go to different churches? What happens if I try to go to my church and they don’t have anyone who knows how to handle this?

Well, we provide the way to do that here. We offer conflict coaching and mediation for believers and unbelievers alike as well as churches and other organizations. We also help train churches, church leadership and christian business owners who want to honor God by implementing and following biblical principles when it comes to dealing with conflict.

We follow the rules and procedures for Christian Conciliation as outlined by the Institute for Christian Conciliation (formerly a part of Peacemakers) on their website. Christian Conciliation is a form of mediation and/or arbitration that is biblically based. It involves resolving conflict and reconciling the underlying relationships. I can personally promise you that if you choose to allow me to help you resolve a conflict, I will pray for all the parties involved, I will follow the biblical model, I will rely on over 23 years of personal experience as an attorney witnessing and being apart of thousands of conflicts, and I will seek God’s input and look to His Word as we seek to resolve the conflict and restore the personal relationship between people that existed before the conflict.

There are many ways as a business owner that I can help you incorporate this process in your contracts so that you can consider the biblical approach before you have any conflicts and insure that any disputes you do have are handled biblically. Just let me know how I can help you!!

I am free to come speak at your business or church to explain or teach any of these concepts.


Together we can live life in a God-honoring biblical way and if need be take a biblical approach to law and life.


Guidelines for Christian Conciliation

Christian Conciliation Rules of Procedure