Business Formation

According to the Florida Chamber of Congress, nearly 4 out of 5 of newly created jobs come from small businesses. This makes business formation law an integral part of our economy and health as a community.

There are countless tasks involved in the formation of the business, not the least of which includes the formation of a legal structure. New business owners need to consider, first and foremost, the business structure that will be the most beneficial for their organization.

Once you decide to incorporate a business whether a sole proprietorship, LLC, or partnership, you will need to file articles of incorporation with the State. A Sarasota business attorney can be of great value in explaining your options, helping to decide which structure you should choose, and drafting your business articles for filing.

Having a lawyer assist with your Sarasota business formation can also help you to understand the tax implications of your new business. As you begin your venture, your legal counsel can help draft company policy, vendor contracts, partner agreements and more. Given all you have to do to start your new business, it is a smart move to have legal assistance to ensure that your company has the best start possible.

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