"A Biblical Approach to The Practice of Law."

Sarasota attorney W. Scott Van Ness  is proud to serve his community with expertise, experience and integrity.  Mr. Van Ness is not only committed to protecting and representing you legally, but ethically.

Working from his South Sarasota law office, Scott offers skilled legal representation to Sarasota area residents in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Christian Conciliation, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Litigation and Commercial Litigation, as well as Foreclosure Defense and Landlord/Tenant Disputes. If you find yourself faced with a dispute or conflict of some kind, Scott will assist you.

Sarasota investors and landlords will benefit from Scott’s experience in the area of Landlord/Tenant Disputes, not only as a lawyer but as a real estate investor himself.  Scott has been a landlord for over 21 years and an attorney for over 23 years.  He is also a born-again Christian, and if you are searching for Biblical counsel he is willing to discuss that as well.

Scott’s extensive expertise in the business field will provide assistance to entrepreneurs and business professionals in the areas of Business Formation, Business Disputes, Contract Disputes and Commercial Litigation. Whether you own a start-up firm or an established Sarasota business entity, having solid legal counsel is a business imperative.

When you need a Sarasota lawyer for real estate, business or personal needs, W. Scott Van Ness will provide you with excellent representation.  I would love to sit down with you and discuss your situation.  Call me today at 941-922-7900.


What do you mean when you say you take a Biblical approach to the practice of law?

Do I give up some of my rights if I decide to take a Biblical approach to resolving a legal issue?



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